Our Story

The ethos behind Lagom Design Studio is to create optimal balance, using clean lines and soft minimalism to transform your space into a place of reflection and calm.

For as long as I can remember, I have had a passion for design and a belief in the power of creativity to inspire others. Growing up, some of my fondest memories were times spent drawing and creating with my dad. It was like having my very own Imagineer who would create majestic castles from old boxes, impenetrable fortresses from pillowcases and sheets, and beautifully illustrated worlds that covered the walls of my room. This was my happy place and where I felt most at ease.

Going into my twenties this passion transformed into a drive to create meaningful change, not only for those who needed it most but for our natural environment. This led me on a path to work with some incredible people and brands, doing what I loved in a way that resonated with my values and created true change. In doing so, creative design became my storytelling tool and a way to connect others with the world around them.

Like many driven people I also saw "success" as synonymous with long hours, complete focus and dedication, meaning I put my own wellbeing on the back burner. It was during one of my busiest times that my ability to create became blocked. Fearful that I'd lost my "spark", I put down what I was doing, went into my home studio, lit a candle, sat on the floor and breathed deeply. Picturing myself in a Julia-Roberts-Eat-Pray-Love moment I scoffed, thinking that there was no way this would work, but it did. Surrounded by earthy tones, soft textures and warm light, this became my little haven away from my busy day to day where I could come and be present. Thus the seed for Lagom was planted! 

Knowing that the Studio needed to create a positive impact, I set about finding just the right cause to put my attention to. Education, environment and helping children were at the top of my list, which is why each of the Studio's prints educates one child about plastic pollution and how to protect our environment.

They say what is done in love is well done, so if I can help others create their own little havens, whilst using the studio to help inspire the next generation to care for our planet, then I have created my true happy place!

Freya Kidby x