The Lagom Story



For as long as I can remember, I have had a passion for design and a belief in the power of creativity to inspire, to uplift and to help others. Growing up, some of my fondest memories were times spent creating with my dad. It was like having my very own Imagineer, who would create majestic castles from old boxes, impenetrable fortresses from pillowcases and sheets, and beautifully illustrated worlds that covered the walls of my room. This was my happy place and where I felt most at ease. I was lucky enough to also have an incredible female role model, my mum, a healthcare lecturer whose eternally kind heart, compassion and desire to support others, shaped my desire to make a difference.

From my teens going into my twenties, my passion for design transformed into a drive to create meaningful change, not only for those who needed it most, but for our planet. This led me on a path to team up with some incredible people and brands, working with micro-workshops across the world, to design ethical fashion products that had a smaller carbon footprint. Helping to develop business practices that echoed brands' core values and empowered them to do good. Art directing and collabing with amazing creators and fellow change-makers from different walks of life. However, my favourite thing of all was to use illustration, animation and creative design to elevate customer experiences, delighting and educating them.

In doing so, creative design became my storytelling tool and a way to connect others with the world around them, as well as to each other. The culmination of these experiences led to me starting the Lagom Design Studio in 2020. A brand whose core focus was to create with intention, using soft colour palettes and meaningful subject matters to transform people’s spaces at home, in order to improve their wellbeing. Since then Lagom has continued to evolve. In late 2021, a dream over the year in the making was launched - my multi-sensory Happy Heads Deck, a little pack of magic designed for children who suffer from anxiety and who desperately needed support in communicating their feelings.

As part of this journey, I also wanted to stay true to my desire to minimise the environmental impact the Studio had. That is why our products use FSC certified artboard and paper, soy-based inks, compostable paper mailers, tissue paper and stickers, as well as partnering with local, family-run suppliers who share our values.

I am so empowered by all of the people who have become part of the Studio’s journey so far, who have my art hanging in their homes, by the parents who tell me how much the Decks have helped their children and by the businesses I work with to transform their storytelling. As the Studio continues to grow, I look forward to creating more meaningful change with you all. 

They say what is done in love is well done, so if I can help others create their own little havens, whilst using the studio to help inspire the next generation to care for our planet and their mental health, then I have created my true happy place!


Freya x