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There is so much more to success than having a great product. You must understand your brand's vision intrinsically, so that it emanates through every facet of your business in a way that delights and resonates with your customers. 

Establishing your brand identity, developing meaningful storytelling and creating engaging physical and digital experiences are the building blocks that will enable you to flourish. A memorable brand who designs around the needs of their customers is one that will see them returning again and again. That's where I come in!

My bag of tricks...

Brand Development & CX

Showcasing your brand in a unique and effective way is a critical foundation stone in setting you apart within your industry. I assist those I work with to develop meaningful brand and customer experience strategies, visual identities and storytelling, allowing you to demonstrate your purpose and your values, set your strategic position and cultivate a relationship with your audience, which deeply resonates. With a background in visual design, art direction, product design and CX, I help shape design holistically across my clients' businesses, leading the way to create more brand advocates.


Visual Design

Whether you are a powerhouse corporate, start-up business or do-good NGO, impactful design is the key to connecting your audience with your products and services. As a specialist in illustration and graphics, I craft elevated visuals that will tell your story and increase audience engagement. I'll even throw in a bit of micro animation too!  Everything you see below in my portfolio is something I've personally drawn / created. From packaging design to digital advertising, strong visuals set the scene for brand perception, making your business one worth remembering.

Web Design

Having a well-designed and easy-to-use website is an integral part of building a strong customer base. I can help you design a website that showcases powerful storytelling and visual diversity, boosts brand recognition, builds trust with your audience and allows users to seamlessly navigate to where they need to be. Ensuring customers are receiving the right information at the right time and getting the best possible experience on every page not only helps to drive conversion, but ensures your online presence is set up for success. 

A peek at some of my work...

What a few of my clients have to say...

A fashion house wanting a luxury customer experience through elevated design...

 After creating Florence Black's brand identity, I went on to build their digital and physical experiences. I implemented customer co-design for a range of their products and services, which helped shape Florence Black's new Loyalty Program. As part of their mission to create inclusive, luxury garments, I redesigned their packaging to remove plastic and focus on sustainably source materials. I also elevated the unboxing experience for their specialised tailoring. As a senior, I worked holistically across the business tying together customer insights, marketing execution, season launches from ideation to go-lives, ensuring design consistency, well-executed customer touch points, needs-based design considerations, as well as effective operational practices that reflected the brand's mission.

A construction industry leader launching a nationwide, transformational change...

I originally joined Carters to assist with their ERP transformational change, which was rolling out to all of their frontline stores. My remit included designing all of their L&P collateral via their digital platforms, learning portals and print media. My role extended to cover a gap in their marketing department, designing their major Trade and Site Offer brochures, a new store launch and other marketing comms. Since then, I have gone on to redesign their Media Kit and have led brand development for a completely new offering that will roll out across NZ. I have also worked with their parent company, Carter Holt Harvey, utilising my background in sustainable development, continuous improvement and visual design to assist in the creation of their annual Environment, Social and Governance Report. 

A boutique marketing agency centred on environmental stewardship...


I originally worked with P&Ps founder to develop a fun, vibrant and authoritative brand identity for the agency. With my background in experience design and graphics, I went on to lead design work with their clients, from large corporate businesses to smaller, independent NGOs. My role was to showcase P&P's services across multiple mediums, including engaging animated elements on their site, as well as to ensure that value proposition design and audience resonance was built into every project, for our clients. This ranged from full website redesigns, digital marketing creative, print collateral, content hierarchy and information architecture strategies, striking graphics and illustrations.

Better design for better business.

Great businesses have great design at their heart. This is why I keep those I’m designing for, and their customers, at the heart of my work. Knowing your business and what makes you shine not only effectively translates into your design mediums, setting you apart from the crowd, but showcases your unique value to the world. 

Great design is also about people - your customers to be exact! So whether you want an illustrative uplift or a complete experience build-out, Lagom Design Studio will empower you to deliver to your customers' needs, in a meaningful way. 

Doing things differently.

Over the last eight years, I've made it my business to gain in-depth experience across multiple facets of design, from human-centred design, UX/UI design, branding, graphics and a specialisation in illustration. I've worked with some of the biggest businesses in New Zealand and Australia, inspiring startups, passionate NGOs and everything in between. 

As a senior designer who is also a business owner, I know the importance of a high-performing business. I will guide you every step of your creative journey, to ensure the end result is something you love.

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