Women Rising: Bec Baillie

Women Rising: Bec Baillie

It's Friday, the sun is shining here in Auckland and it's a super exciting morning, because our next Women Rising interview is here! Our latest female feature, Bec Baillie, is an absolute sweetheart, mother and home-styling superstar.


Bec with our Le Jardin print pair.

Hey Bec! I absolutely love your home, the light, airy feel and the use of natural materials. How would you describe your design style?

Hmm, good question! My style is always changing and adapting as I get older. I don’t think I have one set style as such, but I love taking different elements from different styles. If I had to pinpoint, I would say it’s sort of a modern boho with a minimalist/Scandinavian, warm-neutral vibe? Wow does that even make sense haha!

Yes it actually does! Boho/Scandi is definitely the sweet spot. What is it that draws you to this style?

I have always loved interior/fashion/style. I was one of those kids that would sit and get magazines, do collages and day dream through the school holidays haha. I love the textures and tones that you can create with it.

Your feed is stunning and features both your beautiful home and family life. What is the story you are telling through it?

Aw thank you!! It’s definitely my creative outlet. My story I guess is showing my motherhood moments/highlights along with my style aesthetic.

What is most important to you when designing a functional space for your family?

Practical yet aesthetically pleasing, especially with 3 little ones! I have to be realistic, so for me to get the best of both, I like to have furniture that looks good but can hold (and hide) their toys/books in it. Think baskets with lids, these were a game changer. Also having spaces that the kids know are theirs. But let’s be honest, they basically take over the house while they are awake!

I love that! Obviously as you've mentioned, you're a mama. What does it mean to you to be a mother?

Motherhood to me is being someone’s everything, being totally empty yet so full at the same time. My children are my legacy and I was born to be a mama. They are only little once and I believe in giving my all to them, teaching them, watching them grow and being there for every first and present in every moment.

That is beautiful! One thing I love to ask the mom's I interview is what words of wisdom they'd pass on to their children. What are these for you?

Always be kind and polite, it is the best asset. Love yourself for who you are and be unapologetically you!


Being part of a community of empowered females is something very special. What words of wisdom would you give to other women who follow you?

Be you! Learn, grow, adapt but never be someone your not! Believe in yourself and your ability as a women! Because it truly is incredible!

Something a bit out of left field, but I saw that you guys recently purchased a caravan! What influenced that decision?

Yesss, ahh so exciting! We are currently renovating it! I had wanted one for awhile and a friend of my husband’s grandad was selling it, so we got an amazing deal and it couldn’t have been more perfect! I’m so excited to make memories in there.

That's so good and as part of the van club, I completely get it! Where are you planning to adventure to first?

Oooh we haven't got a plan yet, but definitely somewhere by the beach! I dream of waking up to the sound of the ocean, even though I'm not an early bird by any means! So yeah, I'd love to wake up to watch the sunrise with the kids and watch them play on the beach first thing in the morning.

That sounds like a dream! So my last question that I ask every one is - is there anything big or small that you want to achieve in the year ahead?

I really want to create a business that allows me to still be present with my babies, but where I can let my creative juices flow. I’m still unsure as to what path I want to go down, but my mind is always thinking and dreaming. Not sure if it will be this year, but hopefully in the near future. Right now my focus really is being a mama.

To follow the awesome Bec Baillie, head to her Instagram @beclilli


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