Lagom Design Studio X Hunter & Nomad!

Lagom Design Studio X Hunter & Nomad!

After month's of hard work, concept development and plate juggling amidst the outbreak of Covid-19, I am ecstatic that today we are finally launching Lagom Design Studio's latest collaboration with Hunter & Nomad!

For those who watch our stories, you'll know that I first discovered Annemarie's beautiful business on Instagram, when we were renovating our previous home. The unique designs, natural materials and feel-good vibes of her brand drew me in instantly, and after connecting with her via Direct Message, I was stoked to discover that she was a fan of my little studio too! With our shared love of design, sustainable sourcing and ethical practices, it made complete sense to team up and bring you a special collection of hand-drawn prints, which are close to our hearts.

The six designs that we are launching today are some of my favourite releases so far, featuring a mix of continuous-line drawings, natural elements and soft, earthy palettes that both brands are known for.

The development of these prints involved a whole lot of brainstorming and ideating between Annemarie and I, with my Studio becoming covered in inspiration moodboards and Pantone colour swatches (if you know, you know!) With every collaboration I do, I always want to ensure that I really capture the essence of what both brands are trying to portray, especially as these were being released across two different countries.

The process becomes even more special when you are working along side another creative entrepreneur who has shared a similar journey and the same core values. As we wrapped up the project a few weeks ago I asked Annemarie how she felt about naming some of the prints using Dutch words. I have always believed that names hold a lot of power, so wanted some of these prints to symbolise Annemarie’s journey and where she came from - her beautiful home of the Netherlands. 

I caught up with Annemarie a few days ago so that I could share a bit of insight into her own business journey as a female entrepreneur, what considered design means to her and how she hopes people will connect with our latest range.

Hunter & Nomad has become such a popular and well-loved brand, how did you start out on this journey?

"It all started when I was pregnant with my third baby boy and I couldn't find the perfect baby and nursery items for him. After extensively searching the internet, I realised there was a gap in the market for eclectic, European-style products. Using my love of design I decided to create my own collection, sourcing natural, sustainable materials and finding my growing team of artisans overseas. It is an absolute passion of mine to create something special that other people love using in their homes."

What does considered design mean to you?

"Oh, everything! We take a lot of care into designing functional, beautiful products and finding high quality materials that have been sustainably sourced. We want our pieces to be used for years to come, whilst also taking responsibility for caring for the environment and our beautiful planet."

Why is ethical sourcing important to you?

"I think that when you run a business, you have the opportunity to positively contribute to the lives of others and our communities. We were lucky enough to find incredible suppliers who take ethical sourcing very seriously and I can't wait to visit them again to see how they are going."

What was the inspiration behind these prints?

"I wanted us to create a print collection that all women and girls can resonate with, making them feel good every time they walk into the room. The prints we have designed have that real feminine, soft and timeless feel. I am also really happy that we are taking environmental impact into consideration, using plant-based packaging and giving part of the profits back to plastic pollution school programmes."

The collection will be going live today, Sunday 15th August, at 5pm AEST and 7pm NZT on

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